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Plaster Restoration

     Our highly-experienced caulking professionals have been providing caulking services for a number of years, providing amazing results for a very affordable price. We look for areas where there may be issues with moisture, air loss or existing caulk that's been deteriorated then seal and caulk said areas.

     At PCC, our experts can conserve existing original historic ornamental plaster and stucco through numerous conservation and repair methods. We also replicate and replace damaged or missing ornamental plaster moldings, decorative ceiling medallions, etc., on commercial, industrial, or institutional preservation jobs.

Masonry Restoration

     The reason so many people in the Albany, NY area work with us here at PCC contracting is because we are a very capable masonry restoration company. Whether your building is commercial, industrial, or institutional, we will be able to apply our talented services to it and make it more appealing and functional. Many of our customers appreciate our personalized service and great attention to detail.


     Fireproofing material is applied to exposed surfaces of structural steel and even reinforced concrete in order to preserve and protect the structure. We understands fireproofing requirements, proper installation and quality control procedures that can insure performance while minimizing cost.  

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Concrete Rehabilitation

     The condition and quality of your concrete is critical for the building's safety and appearance. For premium concrete construction that ensures your investment stays protected, choose our team. We offer professional, fast, and reliable concrete repair services, and we take pride in our work on every job no matter what size.

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